Thursday, June 16, 2011

OOTD and Gorman collection

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Without further ado, here's my OOTD. I realized I have too much black in my wardrobe...my next purchase is going to be electric pink. I wish I could find a proper place to take photos! Currently taking photos in my housemate's old room which he vacated two weeks ago lol

I'm wearing:
Hair Bow from *Hot Dollar*
Jacket from *H&M* (bought at Fash'n'Treasure)
Homer Simpson 'Beer Idol' Shirt (LOL) from *the bottom of my housemate's storage box*
Skirt from *Forever New* (bought at Fash'n'Treasure)
Quited Bag is not from Chanel...
Booties from *Siren* - I am selling these as they are too small for me!

Yesterday I made a new friend on Facebook :)

She told me that the lipstick she actually wears for her makeup is Paul and Joe Brilliant A Levres! The picture below is the one she uploaded to facebook to show me! This is the perfect orange lip colour I've been looking for - I hope I can find it :)

I just love the catalogue I picked up from the Gorman Boutique in Sydney. I love their textures and prints for this season and a mix of offbeat silhouettes! My friend Jane introduced me to this brand last year, and I've really beginning to understand why she loves it so much.

The shoes are as always, to die for! I found a perfect pair of Oxfords there for about $150, but I juts didn't have the money to buy!! T_T

Good news: They are currently on sale; Bad news: I am completely and utterly broke of all cash.


  1. Whaa you're hair is so pretty! :) And really pretty outfit!

  2. oh wow... I think you just gave me my first mobile comment? I've never even seen my mobile site before xD weird your comment didn't use Disqus :( Sorry to go on and on haha - thank you for your comment!


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