Monday, May 23, 2011

Fash'n'Treasure Haul

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In my previous post I talked about my day at Fash'n'Treasure in Canberra, a thrift market event held a couple times a year. I said I would post my haul, so here it is! I've tried to coordinate the new items into my wardrobe. After doing this I've realized some of the items are quite hard to coordinate... Sorry about the horrible lighting. I can't catch any natural light on the weekdays. The sun starts going down at 4pm now...

Forever New Floral Skirt:

The print jumped out at me straight away. I've never bought anything from Forever New because I think it's too fluffy and pastelly for me, but their prints are really lovely!

Review Tweed Jacket:

I'm slightly regretting this purchase because I couldn't find anything in my wardrobe to wear it with!!

Forever New Skirt:

I've been looking for a floaty white mini skirt and here it is! I think the outfit below is a bit too white on white. If I had a denim shirt I would have paired that with the skirt instead.

Mambo Button Shirt

I fell in love with this shirt immediately! I love clothing with subtle details.

ids Lace Collar Top:

This is a really cute top, with a flared out bottom that looks really cute tucked in or out.

CKM Checked Shirt

Despite being the only chain store item I bought, it's actually a surprisingly flattering shirt. I love the pattern, length, cut - everything!

Scarlet & Sly Whimscal Printed Dress

I bought this dress because I loved the nursery rhyme-esque print. I'm not really sure how I will wear it!

My favourite: Barkins Violet Dress

This dress looks amazing. The only problem is it's slightly too small for me! I can't lift my arms over my head. That's the problem with thrift shopping - you can't always find you size.
If you have any ideas about how I can coordinate with my new items, please don't hesitate to comment!

Edit: I forgot to add that this all cost me just over $100 :)

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