Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fash and Treasure event (lots of photos!)

Pin It Now! I've really been looking forward to the next Fash'n'Treasure even in Canberra :D for a predominantly fashion-less town, it sure has one of the best second hand/vintage clothing market events I've been to. It's a great event for stocking a wardrobe on a budget, but you're likely to find really good quality stuff from a lot of brands you can't get in Canberra. I saw (and bought) a lot of One Teaspoon, H&M and Zara *drool*

Me and Serra found a stash of vintage (not used!) tights. They had them in every colour and pattern at $2-$15 : O.
There were heaps more vendors than last time this was on. We were there from 10am to 3pm and we still didn't browse every store!
But that's probably because we spent most of our time at this beautiful Lady's stall, as usual! She has such amazing taste in clothes. She's also kept it all in as new condition. She says she is selling all her clothes because she's moving to Beijin soon and has to make room for all the new clothes she will be buying there - I'm so jealous! So everything at her stall was so reasonably priced. I picked up an amazing good as new Barkins dress for only $20~ (Haul will be posted later).

Another awesome stall was held by these two beautiful ladies. Who wouldn't be tempted to buy from people so well dressed!!
Later that afternoon I lured my friend Serra out into the wilderness to take photos >: D
Later still Serra came over my place to help me audit my wardrobe in light of the new wardrobe injection I purchased today - below are all the shoes and bags I've culled. I can't believe I kept all these things even though I never wear them anymore (or bought and never wore). My closet space is looking so organized now!
Fortunately Serra liked a pair of my shoes and it fit her perfectly! It feels great to give clothes you loved to someone who really appreciates them.
And finally, here's me camwhoring again!

I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of putting in false lashes...but now I'm having issues taking them off. I pulled out 3 eyelashes today T__T I can't afford to lose that many when I have so few!!!!!

Lol it's funny blogging next to my housemates playing half-life...two very different past times

Tomorrow is gona be a busy day...I'm going to be taking probably three hundred photos of the stuff I want to sell on ebay - clothes, bas, shoes, jewelry D:

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