Friday, June 17, 2011

Little red dress day

Pin It Now! 久しぶりに日本語を使ってみようかなあと思いました。日本から帰って一年間半がたちましたね。。。もう日本に帰りたくなりました



普段仕事の日にメイクをしないでいくから、ジョシュという同氏はあたしのブログを見て「ブログに載った写真にぜんぜん似てないね」とかいわれたのT_T。 だから今夜ちゃんとのメイクを見せようとしました。

wow my hair looks so frizzy...actually I ran out of conditioner two weeks ago, but I'm too broke to buy a new one :(

In the spirit of saving money, I've decided to revisit a pair of false lashes I bought I year ago that I immediately stuffed in the back of a drawer. I can't remember what brand these are, but I remember the pack clearly identified these as 'Real Human Hair'...I did not know this when I bought them! I probably would not have bought them if I had known!

They look kind of cool, but are so heavy, and get in my eyes! I think these are going back where they belong...

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