Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The nail post #1 Dolly Wink Nail Colour, Dior Vernis, OPI and China Glaze

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After taking pictures of my nail polishes for the past year, I've finally had some time to compile and make a post about them!

But before that, I just had to say a few words about my newly reorganized makeup area!! I don't have a dresser since we moved house...so I had to try and fit all my stuff on the bathroom basin. Imagine all this stuff before just scattered everywhere!! This is the most organized I have ever been.

So now, getting back on topic...

1. Dolly Wink Nail Colour: Lemon Yellow
As promised in my recent sasa.com haul post, here's my review of Dolly Wink nail colour in Lemon Yellow!

The bottle is so tiny and so cute!

As I said in my previous post, this nail colour promises that it dries evenly and deliver strong colour in just one coat! Please note: it does not promise to be chip resistant or long lasting!

Well here is one coat. For such a light colour, it's very saturated, but still a little be translucent.
After the second coat it looks lemony delicious!
The Good news:
  • Pro flat brush, applies easily and dries smooth without streaks
  • Dries fast. After two coats this was pretty much dry in 5-10minutes.
  • Surprisingly opaque for a light colour
  • Small lid is easy to hold and control
The not so good news:
  • I deliberately did not use any top coat to see how much staying power it has on its own. Unfortunately started to show little cracks after the first day, and I had to remove it by the third day. :(
It looks so cute and bubbly though!

2. Dior Vernis: Black Sequins
This is one of the huge stash of nail polishes I bought from Andria's garage sale last week! I fell in love with the deep black and fine silver shimmer dust at first sight!
The formula was smooth and rich - such a pleasure to paint! After two coats, the colour was a deep deep warm black, with subtle shimmer. So chic! I did not use a base coat of top coat to test its durability. After two days, it has not even begun to wrinkle or crack! It doesn't look like it's going to budge any time soon.

1. And more
OPI Hong Kong collection: Hot and Spicy
China Glaze Wizard of Oz collection: Ruby Red Slippers
These really do look like Dorothy's red slippers from the classic movie!!

OPI Spain Collection: Here again aragon tomorrow
I LOVE all near black colours. I think they are unique and understated.

Next I will be showing you guys a rather disturbing image..........
My house mate Cameron trying my nail polish D:

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