Saturday, May 28, 2011

The best garage sale of all time!

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Once in a while, something makes me think that being in tiny little Canberra is good karma for my fashion addiction. I'm tickled pink, I just had to blog about it!

Driving back home today, we passed a house on our street that was having a garage sale. I'd been looking for a bookshelf, so we decided to have a quick look. When I walked out into the back....there it was......a huge stash of cosmetic products -- Just when I was thinking I needed more nail polishes and eye shadow! When I say huge...let me emphasize that it was HUGE. A dining table sized table filled with boxes of nail polishes, eyeshadow, blush, lipgloss, lipsticks, pigments, liners and more. The stuff on that table was more than enough for one person's makeup collection, but apparently this person still had so much more! You know a good shopper when you see the things they are willing to part with! Most of the things she was selling were never even used - lucky me!

Because I bought so much, they gave me all this for only $47!

Nail polishes from OPI, China Glaze, Orly, Colour Club and Dior; Eyeshadow and blush/bronzer palettes from Two Faced, Urban Decay, Elf, Estee Lauder; unopened NYX pigments.....

Some of my favourite: Urban Decay eyeshadow palette
Two faced Liquif-eye Shadow Collection
Christian Dior Nail Polish in Black Sequins - so pretty *_*
I think now....I have everything I need for a very long time!
On a separate topic, I found a sketch I did while doing a training course (lectures make me feel creative...). It's a relieve after all this time I still remember how to draw!

And on a further note, Serra said she wanted to see some close up photos of the items we bought from Sasa. com in my previous post. Please see below!!

TONY MOLY Peach Anti-aging Hand Cream

SKINLITE Dual Wellbeing Masque
SKINLITE Strawberry Yogurt Masque
SKINLITE Strawberry Yogurt Masque
SASATINNIE OIL BLOTTING PAPER Oil Blotting Paper (Scent of Rose)
Be Creation MINII SWEET PARTS Mini Sweet Parts
Kose SOFTYMO Softymo Whitening Facial Scrub

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