Friday, May 27, 2011

Sasa,com haul - supplies for the awsomest Lolita party of the year!

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Pending Serra's Lolita birthday party next week, we stocked up on Lolitamake supplies from Sasa.com. As usual, the wonderful people at Sasa shipped these items in 4 business days :) (express shipping option).


The item list:
  • SASATINNIE OIL BLOTTING PAPER Oil Blotting Paper (Scent of Rose)
  • Be Creation MINII SWEET PARTS Mini Sweet Parts-Strawberry
  • Be Creation MINII SWEET PARTS Mini Sweet Parts- Cream
  • Nivea VISAGE Creme
  • Koji DOLLY WINK Eyelash No.6 (Baby cute)
  • Koji DOLLY WINK Eyelash No.4 Feminine Style
  • Koji DOLLY WINK Eyelash No.8 Pure Little
  • Koji DOLLY WINK Nail Color
  • Lancome GALATIES DOUCEUR Gentle Softening Cleansing Fluid
  • KOKUBO FUNNY FACE Cleansing Sponge Mittens
  • TONY MOLY Peach Anti-aging Hand Cream
  • SKINLITE Dual Wellbeing Masque
  • SKINLITE Strawberry Yogurt Masque
  • Kose SOFTYMO Softymo Whitening Facial Scrub
  • SKINLITE Strawberry Yogurt Masque
All of this for about $80 :)

On Thursday night I was thinking hmmm we should have received the order already. So I checked the mail box, and there it was, the infamous 'we missed you' red slip D:!!

It said I had three packages waiting, so off I went to the post office in my lunch break. Then they tell me they lost one of them! The weird thing is I have no idea what that package could be...I ordered two other Princess Mimi lenses earlier this week but it couldn't have arrived yet!

Anyway I already did my Sasa haul of the month, so most of these things are what my friends Serra and Maria bought...but as I ordered these for them I still got to take advantage of all the excitement of opening the package!!

I have to say Serra did a really good haul. She bought sooo much for so little. Overall her part of this order was about $50. Unfortunately a lot of the Dolly Wink items went out of stock before we made the order.

My purchases were only the following two:

Dolly Wink No.6 Baby Cute and Dolly Wink Nail Colour in Lemon Yellow - such a fresh colour!
I was sucked in by the cute packaging of this nail polish >.<. I thought it was a pretty good price at $7 for the bottle, but I didn't realize that it was SO small! But still, this is making a great first impression on me!

The back says: Koji Dolly Wink Nail Colour 10 Lemon Yellow. One coat, even coverage and perfect strong colour nail colour (sorry awkward translation). So this has some very specific promises!
I love how all the Dolly Wink items have such cute and inovative packaging. The box fastener at the top clasps together to form a bow!
I'll be painting this on my nails shortly :)

Also, I received my Princess Mimi lenses in the mail also! Will post about that next :)

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