Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The girliest night of May

Pin It Now! With Serra's Lolita theme party coming up in only 4 days, Serra rushed over to my place for last minute makeup plans. We plan to wear the dress, so we had to do the face. I was tickled pink that Serra asked me to do her makeup!

But before that, Serra opened all the Sasa.com items we ordered together and also showed me her makeup collection.
She has so much Stilla!!
When I posted our Sasa.com haul, everyone was asking me about the Tony Molly peach hand cream in a cute peach shaped container! This was one of the items Serra ordered so I couldn't open it! Anyway, *drum roll*
Tah-Daaah!! So cute! We both tried it on and it felt really nice smelled so good - just like peach flavoured gummies!
And here's my newly reorganized makeup stash.
I'm so jealous of the adorable wig that Serra will be wearing to the Lolita party! It's long and curly and ponytaily!
And now to reveal my Serra's makeup ala Chococcuro!
We used (best of both our makeup collections):
  • Etude house BB cream
  • Mac pressed powder
  • Stilla concealer
  • Serra's Dolly Wink no.4 Feminine Style and my no.8 Pure Little
  • Kiss Me liquid eyeliner
  • Kiss Me pencil eyeliner
  • Clarins eye shadow palette

She looks so adorable!! Gyaru makeup really suits her!
I really love how the Dolly Wink Femine Style look on Serra! I am tempted now to get one too...The only upper lashes I have from Dolly Wink is No.2 Girly Sweet.

And finally, I got to try on the wig too! Unfortunately, I won't have a wig for the party...I'll just have to try and dress up my own boring hair as well as I can!

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