Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kumikki (Kumicky/Kumiko Funayama) inspired makeup!

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This weekend I'll be in Sydney for my friend's birthday party and other fun! This is probably my last proper post this week. I'd love to blog about all the girly fun we get up to the next few days, but I probably won't have enough time to sit down and do this until I get back. I will try to make some mini posts using my mobile phone :)

So anyway, I wanted to post about my Kumikki or Kumicky (Kumiko Funayama- popteen model) inspired makeup. Kumikki to me has the perfect dolly cute gyaru look. She has the tiny face and big half moon shaped eyes! I wasn't born with her natural good looks, but I'm always trying to improve my makeup technique to master her amazing meiku at least!

So taking a close look at her look, her eye makeup is clearly the focus point. It's interesting to note that she doesn't in fact wear that much eye makeup. This is a dolly cute look, not a a sexy smoky look. All we really need are:
  • eyeliner
  • eyeshadow
  • upper and lower lashes
  • circle lenses (of course!)

Here 's my Kumikki inspired meiku!

Redefining the top and bottom eye lines is key. I used liquid eyeliner to draw a little outside of my natural eye shape, especially on the outer and inner edge.

You can see in the diagram below, I've ignored my natural eye line. It might seem weird to draw outside of your inner edge, I promise no one will really notice!

Both upper and lower lashes are essential to make this artificial eye line look plausible.

I love Dolly Wink No.2 Sweet Girly for upper lashes, and Dolly Wink No.5 Baby Cute for bottom lashes. I think any of the Dolly Wink upper lashes would work well (I think No.1 Dolly Sweet would be even better!) but the Baby Cute is my favourte lower lashes! These are natural but also dramatic.

With upper eyelashes, it works best not to cut the lashes too short, and to actually glue them past where your eyelashes grow on the outer edge. Dolly Wink Lashes are great for this as they come extra long!

I noticed that Kumikki actually only wears lower lashes on the outer edge of her eye. Most people would be able to get away with this too, if you have quite long lower lashes. I can't as I have short practically non-existent ones, so I have to place bottom lashes all the way around.

A flawless base is also really important, so make sure to use a good foundation and concealer.

Good luck!

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