Thursday, June 13, 2013

An Endless Winter #3

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Chunky Turtle Neck c/o Elm Knitwear (similar here and here) \\ Rag & Bone - Langlen Leather Jacket \\ American Apparel - Disco Pants (or similar here and here) \\ Jeffrey Campbell - Lita Spike (or similar here) \\ Vintage Cross Body Bag

Endless summer? Pish. Let winter go on for ever too – it’s damn cold, but cosying up against the crisp cool air in your favourite comfy knit feels so, so good.

I used to have such an aversion to turtle necks, convinced that they made me look like I had no neck. Looking back, that sense of pessimism probably came from being forced by my mother to wear one poorly designed sweater when I was 12. Even in fashion, we have to sometimes overcome our irrational fears, and I felt, after falling in love with this slouchy turtle neck by Elm Knitwear, it was time for me to face mine. The fear of turtle necks? I’m sure there is a scientific term for it. Short-neck-a-phobia?

When dressing in chunky knits, I feel it’s necessary to offset the volume on top with skinnies bottoms. AA Disco Pants are figure loving, and play the part perfectly. I acknowledge that they were probably meant…for the disco…but as always I am determined not to partake in any clichés, these are strictly day wear in my books.


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