Saturday, May 18, 2013


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As I’ve been indulging my craving for bright colours and prints recently, getting up in all black once in a while feels like a novelty. I think we generally avoid all black outfits because, when going all over tonal, it’s so easy to end up looking like you’re in a cat suit, or a Britney Spears body suit circa 2000 (which I loved, by the way). So I always make sure I mix in lots of layers, differing lengths and contrasting accessories. This was the perfect outfit for me to take my super soft and warm Zohara printed Leggings out for a spin.




I wore:

ASOS Sweater Dress

Tiffany Necklace (worn as bracelet)

Zohara Leggings (from Living in Style in Manuka)

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike

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