Sunday, September 2, 2012

End of Week Outfit: Ombre Blazer and Metallic Sandals

Pin It Now! I wore: Ombre Blazer c/o www.romwe.com • Diamanté chiffon shirt (similar) –  • Pleather biker shorts (similar) –General Pants Co • 13” Cambridge Satchel – The Cambridge Satchel Company Metallic plated sandals c/o www.romwe.com

Remember when the ombre/dip dye/gradation dye for hair first came on the scene a few years ago? I remember first seeing it on Rumy Neely, and thinking that it was the epitome of nonchalant rock chic cool, and perfect for that much sought after meticulously underdone look. But then I was reminded how closed minded people can be to the new and unconventional. The kind of comments I was hearing: ‘it looks like she’s too cheap to dye her roots’, or ‘looks like someone trying to grow out a bad bleach job’. Then when celebrities started coming out with ombre dye jobs, notably Drew Berrymore and Leighton Meester, it became one of the most widely copied styles. That’s why I have so much respect people who have the vision to recognize an amazing style at the base of the popularity bell curve, rather than the peak.
But back onto the topic of clothes! I’m a total believer in the long life potential of ombre/dip dye trend in every piece of clothing. I was so excited to find this dip dye blazer at Romwe, and I’m on a mission to find the perfect pair of ombre jeans.

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