Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Canberra Shopping Guide: Shop cheap and chic fashion at Reiss Emporium at Belconnen Westfield

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If you’re in that chunk of the Canberran population that has had to move here for work, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say that shopping in Canberra can be..well..challenging! It’s not that there’s nothing here, it’s just that you really have to know where to look. So I’ve decided to launch a new post series, the ‘Canberra Shopping Guide’. Here I’ll talk about all my recommended places for buying the best fashion, beauty, giftware, decor, and more!

Canberra Shopping Guide #2: Shop cheap and chic fashion at Reiss at Belconnen Westfield
I probably would never have come across Reiss Emporium had I not decided to park upstairs outside of the Hoyts Cinema, and gone in the upstairs entrance. And while its manikins are often dressed rather tackily, and the mountains of stock makes it difficult to understand what style the shop is going for, I’ve come out with some amazing cheap and chic finds here.

What to buy here:

This is a place for reasonably priced on-trend apparel, shoes and accessories of Asian origin, for seasonal consumption. While I would describe Reiss’ overall style as a bit grown up, it stocks item from a broad spectrum of styles, from feminine to city chic, and everything is very much on trend, with a street style twist. On my last visit, I saw embellished collars, floral everywhere, peplum, and rack after rack of printed tights for just $15. Naturally, I bought a pair.
I am advised that stock at Reiss has very high turn over, with new items arrive everyday (and left over stock promptly slashed in price for the sales rack).

photo 1 (2)photo 2 (2)
photo 3 (2)photo 5(1)

Price range:

Reiss is reasonably priced, but you’ll get the best deal if you shop their sales racks! Most items on sale are between $15 and $25. My favourite item purchased from Reiss is this pastel knit for only $20 on sale.

Where to buy

Reiss Emporium is a little hidden away in the corridor around the corner from the Hoytts cinema on level 3 at the Belconnen Westfield Mall (shop 333)!

photo 4 (2)

If you have any suggestions for the Canberra Shopping Guide, please email me!

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