Friday, June 10, 2011

Urban Decay eyeshadow palette swatch and Candy Doll Base Series

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Today I wanted to finally do a swatch of the Urban Decay eyeshadow palette I got at an awesome garage sale a few weeks ago.

I just love the packaging so much! It's made with bamboo and illustrated in deep black ink.
Even the back is extremely detailed. Not tested on animals? Tick.
And inside is so cute too. I love that each colour has its own name.
The swatch: Most of the colours are pure shimmer. The photo makes them look sheer, unfortunately, but when the light shines on them, the colours really pop. Flash, Oil Slick and Kiddy Pool are the strongest colours. I love this palette but I can't think of many occasions I can wear so much shimmer...

The next thing I wanted to talk about was Tsubasa Masuwaka's blog post today about her Candy Doll Base Series! I know it's a bit redundant blogging about another person's blog post, but I just got so excited reading it today that I just had to share!!

I love reading Tsubasa-chan's blog! She's so cute! Today she was promoting her Candy Doll base makeup line (as if she needs to, when it's clearly already an international best seller!). Apparently the new Candy Doll digital posters were up at Shibuya station today. She was commenting on how she impressed that the digital posters keep changing pictures every few minutes - so cute! And I'm wondering if she was the one to stand there the whole time, taking pictures of these ads, and if she was, how come the other patrons didn't notice!

Her blog post about Candy Doll only made me want to buy these products more >.

Tsubasa-chan said that thanks to her fans the Candy Doll base series was really popular since it came out in Spring this year! People are saying how it makes their skin look so beautiful (I want!!). Tsubasa-chan promises that everything in her base series contains the same ingredients as all the higher end products. I've heard this promise from other brands before (like the disappointing 'Designer Brands') but somehow, coming form Tsubasa-chan, I find it so easy to believe.

She also says that the base series is made for all ages. She even recommends the powder for women over 30, to make them look younger. I somehow find it hard to imagine women over 30 buying a product called 'Candy Doll' in whimsical pink toy like packaging rather than Chanel. Well if it was me I probably would! Tsubasa is now 25, which in Japan, is considered proper old haha, so I guess it makes sense that she designed a product for 'all ages'. Speaking of Chanel, Tsubasa apparnetly uses Chanel and Mac brushes to apply her Candy Doll base : O

Her blog post goes on to explain all the different products from the line and how to use them - I feel like I should have to pay for this kind of makeup advice! Interestingly, she suggested using different concealers tones to cover up different types of blemishes - good idea!

I might try and make a Ameba blog too one of these days...

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