Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lolita Party Part 2

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In my Lolita Party Part 1 post about Serra's Lolita Themed birthday party, I said I would post up more pictures of everyone's outfits and makeup. Unfortunately I realized I didn't take full body pictures of *everyone's* outfits...

Being dolls: My sock bows came undone >.<
Serra's dress: So detailed!! This dress was tailor made :)
Umbrella (borrowed from Regina) is from Forever New.
The back was also really amazing!
Serra's makeup ala Chococcuro! I tried to bring out definition in Serra's eye sockets to give her a classic lolita look!

For Serra, we used:
  • Stila base makeup
  • Etude House BB cream
  • Kiss Me Heroin Make Eyeliner
  • Dolly Wink No.4 Feminine Style False Lashes
  • Dolly Wink No.8 Pure Little False Lashes
  • Estee Lauder Delux All Over Face Compact
  • Canmake face shading powder
  • Clarins Shimmer Highlights in Sea Shell
Serra's sister, Nicole's makeup for the party was so amazing! She had a makeover done at the Mecca counter. They did an absolute amazing job. I wish I could do this! I probably should get myself some proper brushes...

Amazing sexy cat eyes look. Oh, can you tell she's earing a wig?? I couldn't!
Nicole's daughter Tia. Such a pretty girl~ She's going to be a heart breaker when she grows up!
Linda with her sexy Chanel Lipstick!!
April wore a cute checked and velvet outfit!
Serra's boyfriend went baroque suave.

Maria's boyfriend Chris went as black and white movie villain - just kidding!
Serra's brother Andrew was Hayate from the Anime, Hayate Combat Butler! The blue hair was perfect!
Serra is wearing my dress from Bodyline. She suited the look so perfectly!
Her makeup ala Chococcuro :)
Serra's sister Kerrie and partner. Her hair was really amazing!
Her dress was very 1920's parlor.

I don't know what popped more about Regina's outfit, her dress or her accessories ^^
She says she spends more money on accessories than she does on clothes : O
Sandy was Maid-kei lolita!
Now for the cute couple snaps!

The end :D

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