Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lolita Party and other fun Part 1

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I have been somehow busy since getting back to Canberra and hadn't had a chance to make a proper post. This is basically a more official post for last Saturday. I took so many photos this weekend that I've planed a few blog posts just so I can give all the best ones the spot light they deserve.

I wanted to post a photo of Maria's beautiful wedding dress! She said she walked past this bridal boutique three times in the past few months and this very dress caught her eye each time. Not being an impulse buyer, she went all over Sydney trying on dress after dress, but she ended up back in this boutique, buying the first dress that caught her eye. It must have been fate!

Also Serra's panda face bread! She woke up at 6am in the morning to bake this bread so she could make party bags for all the guests. Unfortunately all the different doughs cooked at different rates and the design didn't keep its shape. The bread tasted delicious though!
These are some cool images of the accessories used at the party.
Maria in her dress and me yet to change!
My OOTD that day before I changed: CKM shirt and DIY Sass & Bide Jeans. If you remember, I bought this shirt at the last Fash'n'Treasure for only $5!
Awesomely enough, my outfit that day was quite similar to my idol, Rumi Neely's (Fashion Toast) that weekend! But of course my shirt was not by Isabel Marant, and her look was infinitely hotter and edgier than mine!

I left my jacket out on the bench and when I came back, Serra's family cat had fallen asleep on it! That cat has good taste.

Inevitably we completely ran out of time and I had to finish Serra's makeup in the car. Her brother was driving and was so considerate to alert us when the lights went green so I didn't poke Serra's eyes out when the car started moving again!
I think her makeup was gorgeous even if I do say so myself!
Serra's beautiful family! They are all such wonderful and generous people!
Maria's boyfriend looks so much like the Monopoly guy!!
This girl's lipstick is Chanel of course :) She said she went to the Chanel counter to try on the lipstick but then bought it online! Smart Girl.
Steven and girlfriend Regina! Steven is a pro gamer like myself :) Will have to meet up on LOL shortly. Regina is a contentious fashionista.
Serra's sister Kerrie looked very 1920's chic! Is that a Mimco alice band I see?
Serra, Sandy and her beau. Sandy has an awesome Canon EOS 7D (so much better than my 1000D T_T!!). She has a blog too. You can have a look at her photos from the party =>http://reminisce-beautiful-days.blogspot.com/
Maria's makeup ala Chococcuro! I think she looked super hot! Serra's sister did Maria's hair with her GHD (I want one!).
Here's a shot of Serra receiving my present - a set of two Royal Albert Country Rose Buds teacups! She doesn't look all that happy but I know deep down she is! :P

Looking extremely happy when opening the Alanah Hill gift bag, which made no secret as to its contents!
Maria's present - Harajuku Lovers perfume, so cute!
Maria also got Serra this super cute card!!
And....the cake!
Apparently this place had 'cakerage' at $5 a person if you bring your own cake, so Serra pretty much had no choice but to buy their extremely expensive birthday cake. The good news is is the cake was gorgeous and delicious, and includes serving and doggy bag services :)

I got the 'Bir' part! I think that's good luck, right?
Serra's boyfriend Gavin being force fed cake by two beautiful girls haha! How lolita is that.
Taking photos while the hotel guests stared, some with interest, some with apprehension!
We took a few posed group shots on the stare case, but I like this one best!
And my favourite bit - Serra's birthday haul!!

Beautiful Alanah Hill headband:
Left to right: Diva Necklace, Wedgewood Fine Tea, Royal Albert Country Rosebud teacup, Harajuku Lovers eau de toilette, Purple clutch, Tea Cup Cake Silicone bakeware, Witchery scarf and clutch.
I will post shortly with closeups of everyone's outfits and makeup!

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