Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dolly Wink No.4 Feminine Style and Sunday in Sydney

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Judging by the fact that this is the only top lashes that is always in stock on Sasa.com, I think most people overlook Dolly Wink No.4 Feminine Style. Serra really needed a pair of lashes for her party, so she bought this one as it was in stock on Sasa.com at the time. She wore it during our makeup trial and her birthday party! After seeing them on her, I was actually quite impressed with these lashes. I asked to borrow them on Sunday when we went out about the town!
They are narrow compared to the other Dolly Wink lashes, and are only designed to be placed on the outer edges of your eyes to give that feminine up-flick look - appropriate name!
Just like the other Doll Wink lashes, these are extremely high quality and super well crafted.
They are really easy to fix and instantly lengthen the eye line. I personally don't think this look is any less dramatic than No.1 or No.2.

I wore more subtle makeup today to show off the lashes. They look so natural and very feminine!
We left the house quite early so I was doing my makeup on the train. I hope I didn't embarrass you too much Serra!

Following Serra through the train station - this bit reminds me so much of Japan! This trip I really felt like I could really like living in Sydney.

First stop was Kinokuniya of course, to stock up on Japanese magazines!! There are so many and I can't have them all...so I chose my favourites, Sweet and Popsister, and I decided to try Used Mix because Amo-chan's makeup on the cover was really amazing! I love how Japanese magazines are just so festive and fun - so different from western magazines :( and the fashion is always practical and wearable.
Also they always come with amazing sabisu~ free gifts! This month's Sweet came with a Jupiter gold plated and gem bracelet! I actually thought this was going to be a necklace...so I was a bit disappointed...but it is still really cute! It looks very delicate however...so I'm probably too rough for these...
I took some random pics throughout the day - beautiful baby blue and white macaroons. I don't like the taste of macaroons but I really do love the *idea* of them!
With all the walking and shopping Serra's feet were really hurting, so we stopped at a cafe to sip tea and read Popsister magazine!

Speaking of wigs....
Later that night before we left for Canberra we had dinner with Serra's family. The food was sooo nice! I had seconds and almost couldn't walk after.
Then I made my impulse purchase of the month. You know I was saying in my last post that Serra's brother is the nicest little brother I've ever met? Well Serra's boyfriend was searching everywhere for a Samsung Galaxy Tab (tablet computer like the iPad) but they were all sold out. Serra's brother works at a electronics chain so he pulled some strings and got the last two Galaxy Tab's in the whole country - what a nice guy!

But then he had one left which he sold to me at an amazing discount! My boyfriend was all giddy like a school girl when I brought this home. We immediately downloaded Angry Birds...
When we got back to Canberra that night, I had a nice surprise waiting for me! My Apple Green and Chocolate Brown Princess Mimi lenses finally arrived! Actually these arrived over a week ago but Australia Post 'misplaced' them :(

Interesting packaging with floral gift wrap.

They look so pretty! I can't wait to try them!! But I'm having second thoughts...I feel like I have way too many lenses now, and I don't need all three of these colours...

I got these for an excellent price at ModeBarbie.com! The only problem is no free lens cases! I over looked this small detail...

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