Wednesday, March 5, 2014


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Though I’m one to think that black and white is ‘just too easy’, and I’m more naturally prone to taking ‘hard-way-out’, I can’t help but gravitate to monochrome every time. It’s just like when I was pursuing the illustrator-to-be path, and pencil on white paper was always my favourite medium. I loved constructing forms and textures in monochrome. On the other hand, colour always baffled me; seemed unnecessary, even. As envious as I was of people who could so effortlessly bend colour to their will, I guess I’ll forever be stumbling over it like a pair of beautiful but impossibly impractical shoes.

Always the girl on a quest, I spent much of last year embracing my fear of colourful clothes. By the end of it I found myself with a bamboozling wardrobe that left me mentally and sartorially scattered. I’ve come to think that it’s time to accept I’m more suited to the black and white silent film era. Coincidentally, impractical shoes is another impediment in my life I’ve rather decided to live without.

And as for today’s outfit, I just wanted to point out that I purchased a slip dress from ASOS only with the single intention of wearing it as a skirt under a white T shirt. Mission accomplished.

IMG_7881 copy   IMG_7903 copy IMG_7905 copy IMG_7929 copy   IMG_7943 copy IMG_7983 IMG_7992 copyPhotos by Heather Lansdowne (Heatstorm Blog)

Trenery Tailored White T Shirt
Oh My Love Slip/Cami Dress from ASOS (similar)
Ebay ankle strap pointed heels (similar)
Vintage Guess Leather Backpack (similar) 

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