Thursday, March 6, 2014


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I’ve always have a soft spot for Penny from the Big Bang Theory and the relentless jokes about her lack of femininity (though the irony couldn’t be more effective, seeing as she was cast as the unattainable object of desire throughout the early seasons). My lack of appreciation for skirts, heels and brushing my hair back in my school days also made me the butt of similar jokes. However, try as I may, I could never become the girly girl that, as a kid, I thought was the standard for a girl. But pure femininity is not for everyone, after all, and to this day, nothing’s more comfortable for me than wearing what the boys wear. Slouchy shirts, wrecked jeans and stuff that’s so shapeless that they make all your lovely lady lumps disappear. Of course, I do throw in a particular shade of pink and a random flower bouquet when the mood suits. And note: the lacy camisole.

Weekends are for brunches, and recently I’ve been rediscovering Canberra’s Kingston area. I hear that too adorable for words Penny University was opened by a couple of Canberran university students who were just like ‘f*** it’, and bought a cafe. You must try the Croissant French Toast, you’ll be in heaven.

IMG_7711 IMG_7722 IMG_7729  IMG_7735 IMG_7765 IMG_7706 IMG_7708

Equipment Signature Silk Shirt (here) \\ DIY distressed black jeans \\ Vintage Camisole
3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli in Mixed Media (here and here, or in other finishes here, here and here) \\ Rag & Bone Newbury Boots (here) \\ Swarovsky Elements Leather Bracelet \\
Amethyst pendant from Wildwood Shop in Braddon

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