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Perpetually Five Fashsfest Canberra Designer

Being a tomboy could may well be what I'm best at doing in life, so dressing appropriately for tree climbing and mud pie making is paramount. Who says you can't be an adult that climbs trees and makes mud pies? Just be Perpetually Five.

Yes, that was my (clever) attempt at segueing  into talking about these fabulous shorts by Canberra Fashion Designer, Mitch Thompson. His label is Perpetually Five. Why? Because you should just be if that's what you want. I remember, with all the vividness of a favourite childhood candy, Mitch's graduating collection shown at CIT Kinetic Parade in 2012 - a slew of printed men's pieces made from children's imaginative drawings of paper ducks, purple seahorses and florescent cows. Two years later, he's continued on with those same brilliant ideas and expanded his pieces to jumpers, t-shirts and headbands (printed with miniatures of his own face).

So of course, I was thinking, why should be boys have all the cool thing? Just like when I was a kid, running after my male cousins for their clothes, I jealously horde menswear where I can. These shorts by Perpetually Five had my eyes lit up like an RC robot on full batteries. They're roomy (for the tree climbing), structured just right and remind me of kindergarten handkerchiefs with the name tags ironed on.

Perpetually Five will be showing at this year's FASHFEST, Canberra's biggest annual fashion event held over four nights from 30 April to 3 May 2014 with different designers every night! Get your tickets here before they sell out! Also, read my blog post detailing all the types of tickets up for grabs. Also get all the news on FASHFEST's twitter and facebook!

Perpetually Five Fashsfest Canberra Designer  Perpetually Five Fashsfest Canberra DesignerPerpetually Five Fashsfest Canberra DesignerPerpetually Five Fashsfest Canberra DesignerPerpetually Five Fashsfest Canberra Designer
Photographs by Heather Lansdown -
Heat Storm Blog

Plaid Mens Shorts - Perpetually Five
Silk Button Up Shirt – Sportscraft
"Pashli" Satchel - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Cutout Chelsea Boots - Shoe Cult by Nasty Gal

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