Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Thrift Day \\ Mickey Mouse Couture

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Micky Mouse and Stiletto Jeans

People often think that I must have a lot of clothes, and wonder how I can afford it all. Let me answer this with this question - how many style bloggers have you met who aren't in dept? (#jokingnotjoking) Apart from supplementing our wardrobes with 'sponsorship' from brands, most of us bloggers get by, by heavily mixing high-end, low-end, and thrift buys. Every style blogger's got their sights set on a Givenchy Antigona, a collection of Josh Goot dresses and as many pairs of red soled Christian Louboutin's as monetarily possible. Why? As much as you say it's because you like to invest in quality, when it comes down to it it's probably because the other bloggers have them. Even though these things cost your entire paycheck in a pop? Talk about living outside of our means.

So that's why today's Thrift Day - a day I wear as many thrifted pieces as I can. Today it's my $3.50 Mickey Mouse T-shirt and a $5 pair of polka dotted jeans. I've always been a Sailor Moon girl myself, but I can't deny the ubiquitous charm of those big round ears and humorous pants. But am I the only one who thinks that Mickey Mouse doesn't look anything like a mouse?

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Mickey Mouse T Shirt - Thrifted - Salvation Army Warehouse, Fyshwick, Canberra (similar here, here, and here) Polka Dotted Jeans - Thrifted - Salvation Army Warehouse, Fyshwick, Canberra (similar)
Pink Moto Jacket - Jessica Burrman (here)
Spike Perspex Ankle Strap Heels - Zu Shoes (similar)

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