Friday, February 28, 2014


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    Photos by Heatstorm Blog

Last night we went down to the much talked about Kingston foreshore development for the Canberra Bloggers Meetup at new swanky hang out Rum Bar. So great to meet Smaggle and catch up with Happy Schnapper, The Food Avenue, Ink and Leathers, The Girl has Sparke and Blonde Ink!

So there I was thinking to myself, what a perfect opportunity to get my underwear on, on a night out. Superman and Madonna wore their underwear on the outside and it did wonders for their careers, right? Yes, I make it sound much more controversial than it really is. Slip dresses and skirts are the shitz right now, and you can buy all sorts of lingerie inspired pieces at just about any chain store. But personally I still prefer the original.

Recently I bee line to the underwear section at charity shops. It’s a gold mine for perfect vintage slip skirts, dresses and bralettes. You’ll squirt that milk out of your nose when you hear how cheap they are. I’m talking gold coin territory!

I love the semi-sheer, glossy material that’s normally used for linings, which, for that reason, has that over-familiarity or unwarranted intimacy about it, the way that Herve Leger bandage dresses do. Yet, when it comes down to it, there’s nothing all that provocative about the slip skirt. Although it’s officially an ‘undergarment’, it’s really traditionally just a modesty piece, shapeless and altogether unrevealing. This for me is just perfect as I’m all about straight lines in my styling at the moment.

What about you? Are real slips ok as actual clothing?


Light weight wool jumper by Mix, thrifted \\ Vintage Slip Skirt, thrifted \\ Vintage fur clutch \\ Isabel Marant Carol Stacked Sandals

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