Friday, February 21, 2014

A Complete Office Wardrobe in 15 Pieces

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I’m a lawyer by day, so while I love wearing what ever I want on my days off, weekdays are spent in my corporate wear. If you work in an office, like me, then you know it takes time and money to build up an office wardrobe. After all, great presentation at work is so important, so you should always look your best.

As Canberra organisation Communities@Work is holding their ‘Best Dressed Weekend’, a preloved designer corporate wear sale, this week (21-23 Feb), I’ve decided to dedicate this week on my blog to office styling.

I want to show you how easy it is to build a corporate wardrobe out of just a few key pieces, so you’ll never have to face not having anything to wear. You’d be surprised how few pieces you need to build a complete office wardrobe that you can mix and match for countless outfits so that you’ll hardly ever be see in the same outfit twice! Here’s a 15 piece capsule office wardrobe I created that you can wear 10 ways and more!


Capsule Corporate Wardrobe

 Here’s what you’ll need:
  • At least two suits: Think about having one skirt suit and one pant suit, so you can get the best of both worlds. I recommend getting the one black suit that you’ll need for the most formal occasions. Your second suit can be more fun. A black and white print is fashion forward but is still conservative enough for any office.
  • At least two dresses: It’s always wise to have a minimal black shift dress for the office. Get a sleeveless style that layers easily with your tops to change up the look. Not all your dresses have to be prim and proper. Fit and flare styles are perfectly appropriate for the office, in my opinion (very Audrey Hepburn, no?).
  • At lease one dress shirt: You’ll need this to go with your serious black suit, but the button down shirt is so chic and versatile that it will go with everything.
  • Chic tops: You should arm yourself with lots of top choices. It really doesn’t matter what the top is, as long as it doesn’t show too much skin – tailored tee’s, lace singlets, tank tops, all these are great. Tops is also your chance to add a pop of colour to your outfits, so embrace the rainbow! I’ve chosen the classic peplum tank and a simple jumper. 
  • The cardigan: For days you don’t want to wear a blazer, a simple black cardigan makes almost anything look smart.
  • Statement necklaces: Just because you’re at work doesn’t mean you should neglect to accessorize! Statement necklaces contrast beautiful with minimalist outfits. Have at least two and try to consider the colour scheme of your wardrobe when choosing them. I’ve gone with a blue, pink and black theme below, so it makes sense to get a blue and pink necklace.
  • The belt: Belts are terribly chic for the office, and it’s always good to cinch in to make things look more structured. Trust me, get yourself at least one.
  • The pump and the flat: It goes without saying that everyone needs a pair of simple black pumps for the office, but don’t forget your classic ballet flat. Some days you might not want to wear heels, and a black ballet flat is always work appropriate.

And now, our outfit possibilities!

10 Corporate Outfits


Make your work wardrobe last for years to come by being creative with layering. I’ve chosen colours and styles that work well together and therefore you can almost wear any combination of these pieces together (I’m starting to sound like Gok Wang now…).  Fashion is fun, even at the office, so wear what you love and love what you wear!

Communities@Work Best Dressed Weekend is on from TONIGHT and continues all weekend! The details:

WHAT: Best Dressed Weekend
WHEN: 21 Feb – 23 Feb
WHERE: Lakeview Ballroom
               Tuggeranong Community& Function Centre
               245 Cowlishaw Street, Greenway

Day 1 is VIP night, and tickets can be purchased for $35. Register here!

See you there!

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