Thursday, February 20, 2014


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When I was a kid, they tell me I was notorious for losing my shit - in both senses of the word. I was gifted with being able to cry on cue and scattering my possessions around town. Gloves, scarves, toys. On shoe is still down a well somewhere. But the days of losing a cell phone annually are over. Or so I thought. The day I wore this Fedora from Choies and took these photos, I lost it. That’s right. I left the house with it – on my head – and I walked back in the house without it. You see why people claim losing things is a gift of mine? I guess I should have heeded the warnings of my girl Jess at OnceTwiceBlog about a well fitting hat, and she sure has a great one. Sad about mine though…

And as for the rest of my outfit, I can’t gush enough about full fur clutches. While I assumed the style is a recent innovation, I guess fashion does go in cycles. To find this vintage rabbit fur piece at Heather at Heatstorm Blog’s closet cleanout sale was pretty amazing. It was one of her opshop finds. See, that’s why we hit the goodwill! I would baulk at the thought of donning real fur, as I am terribly against killing animals for their skin, but somehow vintage seems forgivable. Though I would have been just have happy with faux. What about you?

Wide Brimmed Fedora c/o Choies (similar) \\ Long Sleeve Maxi Dress (knotted) c/o ASOS (similar) \\ Thrifted Tartan Shirt (similar) \\ Vintage Rabbit Fur Clutch from Heatstorm Blog (similar) \\ Rag & Bone Newbury Boots


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