Sunday, February 23, 2014


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Those of you who grew up in the 90’s like me – the age of the Spears-Aguilera sports bra and sweat pant ‘teenie bopper’ uniform – will know what I’m talking about when I say: under-boobage and upper-gina are not midriff! Now I love the cropped length, but the dilemma for us (the victims of 90’s ‘midriff backlash’) is: to bare, or not to bare. If it’s done in the style of Lily Collins’ of 2013–or for that matter, my girl, The Luxuriante-then I don’t care how many people see my freakishly long belly button (don’t look now!).

This too cute for words zigzag crop top is from Pemba Boutique, where else? Surely the tongue in cheek fun-ness and infinite wearability are telltale signs. Stripes, spots and flowers have been ‘the shiz’ for, like, ever, but I think it’s about time zigzag got the kudos it deserves – it’s a classic, and it kind of make you feel like you’re looking at one of those optical illusion puzzles. Woah! For me this cool tie back halter top could take me from pool side to clubbing. I’ll be upfront and admit that I do very little of either of the above, but, hey, it’s a free world. You know I’ve never let occasion appropriateness dictate my style choices.

On this occasion, however, it’s a pair of super slouchy boyfriend jeans – worn on the hips for a complete 90’s throwback. I’m pretty sure Gwen Stefani has worn this exactly outfit back in the day...

Stick around to see how else I’ll be styling this outfit in coming days!   

Zigzag Halter Top c/o Pemba Boutique \\ French Connection Tuxedo Blazer \\ Vintage Boyfriend Jeans \\ Tony Bianco Studded Heels

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