Friday, January 24, 2014


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Is it just me, or are knitted sweaters totally sexy? You may not show much skin (on top), but there’s something so ultra feminine in that drapey-not-drapey fabric that hints at the figure underneath, but degenders the wearer at the same time. This perfect pastel pink cable knit sweater is by Elm (who else). I can’t say it enough, but nothing fits my frame like an Elm jumper. They’re so forgiving on my on-the-broad-side shoulders. They’re undeniably feminine, but there’s always just the right amount of slouchiness to take the edge off the prim. My favourite way to wear a luxe jumper (in both warm and cold seasons) is with mini shorts or skirts. I can never settle on wearing long styles on both the upper and lower body, and vise versa. What I’m looking for next is a vintage lacy camisole to layer under a slouchy knit. But these adorable shorts by Jorge does the job nicely. A pair of statement flats is of course the obvious choice to top off the combo.

Do you love knits as much as I do?

“The Must Have Cable Knit” c/o Elm Knitwear (For stockist call (03)5228 3240) \\ “Love Sick” Lace Shorts (on sale!) c/o Jorge \\ “Ackland” Leopard Print Cowskin Loafers c/o Jessica Buurman \\ Vintage Mini Briefcase (I’m selling this now on my ASOS Marketplace Boutique!)

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