Sunday, January 19, 2014


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Looking back at my Instagram history, I struggled to find any photos of my pre-blonde days – in fact, there were none. I can’t believe I’ve been blonde for such a long time. I’m sure you’ve become as accustomed to seeing with blonde hair as I am, so this new colour might take some getting used to.

The original plan was to go back to my natural colour: jet black (much to the delight of my boyfriend, who just wants me to look Asian for once!). However, true to my signature non-committal style, I could only stomach going half way. After all, I’ve invested so much into my blonde hair that I just couldn’t bare to see it disappear just like that. But what presented was a perfect opportunity to go ombre, albeit in reverse.

I think everyone gets tired of their natural colour and wants to try something at some stage, especially us Asian girls, whose deep black hair can appear so one dimensional. As for the latter, being blonde has made me realise quite a few pros of black hair. For one, bright lippies really pop. I’ll be looking forward to rediscovering all my bright shades.

I’m also going to have to get a new eyebrow pencil…

Hair Colouring by Hair Flair Dickson, Canberra

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