Wednesday, January 29, 2014


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It might be the unmistakable logo of a multinational beverage corporation, but it’s impossible to deny the intrinsic attractiveness of its design. That retro cursive font conjures up images of pleasant polar bears, Santa Claus and Hawaii, unsurprisingly, as these were key Coca Cola advertising gimmicks throughout the 19th century. I was instantly charmed be this vintage (apparently Chinese)Coca Cola Tee at the Salvos. So no, I haven’t hired out my upper body as advertising space. It’s just me crushing on logos big time.

I’d listed this adorable t-shirt up for sale on my ASOS Boutique, but it sold right away. Never fear, I’m selling a bunch of other unique styles. Shop my wardrobe here!

Vintage Coca Cola Logo T Shirt \\ Latex Skirt c/o Missguided \\ Vintage Handbag \\ Zara Ankle Strap Heels

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