Tuesday, January 28, 2014


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Yes. I have said a hundred times that I’m not a girly girl and I don’t wear pink. Clearly I’ve proven myself a giant hypocrite many times over, but surely this time I’ve been half way consistent. After all, what we have here is a moto jacket, so the toughness just about cancels the pinkness. Not that I need any justification – this jacket is ah-mazing! I love how this fleecey material gives this jacket that seamless soft structure. So naturally I decided to wear my underwear on the outside with this thrifted slip worn as a dress. Of course, I could have purchased one of Zara’s recent season slip dresses, but nothing beats the real thing, am I right? I’ve never been so appreciative of charity shops accepting underwear donations. Just wait till next season when wearing your bra on the outside starts trending (oh wait it already has!).

This awesome long brick wall gave me an irresistible urge to do that cliché wide angle against the wall shot – check it. I’m even doing the lon-n-n-n-g reach towards the camera.

‘Boswe’ Asymmetric Zip Moto Jacket c/o Jessica Buurman \\ ‘Nadia’ Studded Boots c/o Jessica Buurman\\ Thrifted Slip worn as dress (similar here and here) \\ Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch (similar)

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