Sunday, January 26, 2014


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When it’s hot, it’s just feels so right to pull on your super reflective sunglasses. They certainly make a girl look mean, and sometimes it’s just that sort of day to step out of the house with a bitch air about you (*places tongue in cheek*). Of course you know that on the official Bitch Scale, I’m just right from the ‘door matt’ notch (the caption of which reads ‘tries to please everyone but just gets herself in trouble’).

I’ve been getting lots of complements lately on my Silk Front T by Elm. It’s amazing that even a basic, when done well, can turn heads. As always with Elm, it’s the perfect fit on the figure that’s its strong point. I’ve completely boycotted the fitted, short T-shirt that’s often a cliche in women’s wear – so boring! I tend to get all excited over outrageous pieces, but in recent years I’ve come to really appreciate the value of good wardrobe staples, and especially a good T-shirt. Sometimes you have to switch your thinking around and invest in a good luxe basic, rather than pick up all your tops from JayJays, thinking ‘a T-shirt’s a T-shirt’s a T-shirt’. But not all are created equal – I’ve owned enough of them to know. Then again, once in a while a thrifted old tee from the charity shop can trump them all.

Silk Front T Shirt c/o ELM Knitwear \\ Shorts Pine Ale in Turquoise c/o Pemba Boutique \\ 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel \\ Isabel Marant Carol Sandals (similar from Nasty Gal)


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