Friday, February 7, 2014


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Last week I moseyed down to fellow Canberra blogger Heather’s Magical Mystical Fantasy birthday party – as a gothic witch. Little did I know that everyone else had gone as sugar fairies, water nymphs and pretty elves. Every fantasy land needs a villain though, right?

When dressing up for a costume party, the makeup is what it’s all about. Here’s how my witchy makeup is done:

1. Witches have got to have those razor sharp cheek bones, so get your highlighter and just go crazy on the top of the cheeks and also the bridge of the nose. To get those cheeks even sharper, use bronzer to shade out the hollows of the cheeks. I used NARS ‘The Multiple’ Stick in Copacabana and Nude by Nature Mineral Bronzer.


2. Red means danger. So start your eyes with a red toned base or eye shadow, and just smear it on your lids like it’s war paint. I’m using M.A.C. Coral Crepe Paint Pot.

3. Now get your mysterious cat eye on. I’m using a deep blue eyeliner to contrast against the coral base. Be bold, and extend the wing way out. I used M.A.C. Pearlglide Eyeliner in Fly-By-Blue, a shimmery deep blue.

4. Line the bottom lid too. Get the extra theatrical look by going just below the tear line. Fill the tear line with a white liner.

5. For the final touches, extend the eyeliner past the inner corner of the eyes, ending at a sharp point. Draw in some dramatic low lashes too, twiggy style.

6. Since you’re going all out on eyes, choose a neutral lippy. I’m using Nude by Nature Demure – my favourite not-so-boring everyday lippy.

makeup01 IMG_6580 copy

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