Saturday, October 19, 2013

Misspelled T-Shirt

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Let me tell you, during my stint living in Japan, browsing the local mall’s copious collection of misspelled, misconceived and otherwise ridiculous graphic T-shirts, was considered by us ‘Gaijin’ (foreigners) to be a legitimate form of entertainment. And man, did we see some mind bogglers. You have to understand though, that it’s all about the typrography and design, and you really have to respect them for that. Whether it’s a shirt that purports to give you directions to the bathroom or simply says ‘THE END IS COMING’ in big cheerful bubble writing, they always looked cool. It’s like listening to songs in another language - the words don’t matter if tune sounds nice. As much as I wanted to get a heap to take back with me, I knew that, being Asian, the irony would be lost on the casual observer. It might have even opened opportunities for me in Engrish.com meme based fame (not altogether a bad thing, really). When you spell something wrong on a shirt, it’s immortalized. It’s the permanency of it that makes it so cool.

End ramble.

So I wore my misspelled ‘ACME’ tee out for breakfast with fellow Canberran style blogger Gabby of The Luxurante at Maple + Clove in Barton. Somehow when two bloggers get together, you end up eating breakfast till lunchtime.

eBay T shirt \\ J Brand Adrian Boyfriend Jeans (similar) \\ Thrifted Sunglasses \\ Rebecca Minkoff MAC convertible clutch (similar) \\ Isabel Marant Carol Stacked Sandals (dupe) \\  Swarovski leather bracelet


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