Tuesday, October 15, 2013


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The more I look at this perforated leather skirt I bought from Hustle & Scout last month, the more I think of the animal skin dresses that Flinstones characters wore. So then I made the mistake of googling ‘Flinstones Fashion’ the other day and lost an hour of my life for ever. What came up was quintessentially 21st century ultra-consumerism. Flinstone’s inspired runways shows, Audrey Kitching dressed up as Fred Flinstone, Wilma Flinstone inspired Polyvore moodboards, even Flinstones nail art!  I guess I wasn’t the only one who appreciated the fashion of ‘The Flinstones’. It was practically years ahead of its time – big animal prints, fluorescent colour blocking, asymmetric cuts. Now don’t get me started on ‘The Jetsons’. Long story short, I’ve started calling this my ‘caveman skirt’. Paired with this brown cropped t-shirt I think I’m ready to give Betty Rubble a run for her money.

Not so caveman chic, however, are my Choies wide brimmed fedora (I practically sleep in it!), Windsor Smith studded boots and 3.1 Phillip Lim satchel. Recently I’ve been drawn towards black and brown colour combinations. Definitely not as boring as it sound son paper. How about you?

Wide Brim Fedora c/o Choies \\ Supre Cropped T-shirt ($7) \\ Opshoppers vintage leather skirt from Hustle & Scout \\ 3.1 Phillip Lim Media Pashli in Nubuck \\ ‘Lasso’ western style boots c/o Windsor Smith


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