Saturday, October 12, 2013


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Every year when summer comes around in Canberra, I swear I forget what warm weather feels like. Being able to run out in my distressed denim cutoffs (made by Opshoppers) and a slouchy T-shirt was almost a bizarre feeling. Like, what? I can actually not wear a jacket? Pity though, as I love jackets so much.

As I’m presenting such a chilled outfit today, I thought I might share a little realisation I’ve come to recently. And that is, that it’s time I calmed the F down. This year I wanted to do everything, which only led to having no time for anything. You know you’ve got to get back down to earth when you’re arranging brunch with people a month in advance. People often expect me to be constantly out and about, but, while I’ve been referred to as a ‘socialite’ on more than one occasion, the reality is that I’m the quintessential homebody. I’d much rather spend my Saturday night sitting down for a HBO Girls marathon over a 1 kg can of Poppycock (damn those snacks are tasty!). Over the last couple of years I’ve played photographer, writer, stylist, you name it, but when it comes down to it, I’m just a girl who likes to take photos of her clothes. Sometimes you have to wonder, are our hectic lives, our own making?

Wide Brim Fedora c/o Choies \\ Graphic T-shirt c/o Chicnova \\ Thrifted distressed shorts (made by Opshoppers) \\ Fossil Drawstring Bag \\ Isabel Marant Carol Sandals (dupe here)


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