Friday, September 27, 2013


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 “The Virgin” Sweatshirt by WND.LND (Canberra) \\ Vintage Perforated Leather Skirt from Opshoppers \\ Medium 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli in Mixed Media (here or here) \\ “Baillie” Convertible Thigh High Boots (here) c/o Jessica Buurman

Zoe Brown’s show at FASHFEST earlier this year already had me planning outfits even though I knew that she had not gone into production yet. So you can imagine my acute excitement when I heard that she would be selling her first commercial collection at Hustle & Scout last week.

Zoe’s label, WND.LND, a surprisingly easy to remember acronym, is as enigmatic as the underlying themes of Zoe’s designs. I still don’t know what it means, and frankly I haven’t asked. It’s like when you meet someone but forget to ask their name, then later it’s way too embarrassing to ask!

WND.LND’s ‘The Virgin’ sweat shirt was one of my favourite pieces from the May runway show. The souped-up sweatshirt has obviously been a prominent theme this year, but with this WND.LND design, you get the feeling that it goes a lot deeper than just sports luxe. To begin with, ‘Virgin’ is a pretty loaded word in the English language. It’s not explicitly rude, it just seems improper somehow. Then it’s having it printed in big san serif font right across your back, like it’s some kind of team designation (Team Virgin?). That it might make people look twice and question is worth it in itself. 

And while we’re on the topic of Hustle & Scout, this vintage perforated leather skirt was from Opshoppers, who also have a very successful stall at the market.

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