Tuesday, September 24, 2013


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Mesh Biker Jacket and Cloud Clutch c/o Front Row Shop \\ American Apparel Big White Tee Shirt \\ Zara Asymmetric Skort \\ Isabel Marant Carol Sandals

I now no longer need words or facial expressions to convey my emotions, because I have – the Cloud Clutch, the cutest and all at once chicest thing I’ve seen for a while, from Front Row Shop. I’m a sucker for themed bags, but I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes my weakness for novelty paraphernalia so often causes me to cross the line between dressing and playing dress-up. But I think you’ll agree with me that the clean simplistic design and monochromatic theme of this accessory lands it firmly in the ‘wearable’ category.

Besides it’s obvious utility in interpersonal communications, this nifty little bag opens up the perfect opportunity for making pithy one-liners like, ‘Hey, can you hold my cloud for a sec?’ or make so-lame-it’s-funny jokes like ‘I keep all my stuff in cloud storage these days!’

As for other parts of today’s outfit, my jacket is also from Front Row Shop. I’m so in love with their contemporary, minimalist style direction, which is all about making a statements with extreme simplicity – my thoughts exactly.

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Interestingly, my clutch came in one of those static cancelling satchels that they ship computer parts in. I see what they did there! Clouds, static, get it? I mean it could get dangerous, what with the lightning that could be generated en route of delivery – adorable!


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