Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Isabel Marant Carol Sandals

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It wasn’t love at first sight, so it’s taken me a little while to jump onto the band wagon with these now iconic shoes. I mean my first impression of the Isabel Marant Carol Sandal was “what’s the least amount of shoe you can get for about a thousand dollars?” But after all, the truth about shoes is that, it isn’t how they look, but how they make your lower half look. And the Carol is probably the worlds sexiest sandal. It’s that barely there toe strap and exaggerated ankle detailing, set higher on the leg to create an elongating effect.

I haven’t had a chance to take these out for a spin here, but here are some pics via Cityfashion.com to give you an idea of how amazing these look on!

 photo marant.jpg

For the most part feet give me the heebeegeebees, but in the right shoes, I’m not afraid to show off even my own stubby toes. There are only about three pairs of sandals in the world that I’d bare my feet in, so the Isabel Marant Carol is a pretty special shoe.

There are also flat (Elvis) and high heel (Charlotte) versions of this style, but the mid height Carols will always be my fav. It’s casual, but not too beach-y and gives you the perfect comfort per height ratio. Is anyone else thinking perfect vay-cay shoes?

Isabel Marant Carols are sold out everywhere, but Jeffrey Campbell makes a good dupe for a fraction of the price!

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