Friday, September 6, 2013


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Is it just me or has the skinny jean been the popular jean of choice for way too long? I can distinctly remember the very year that they became acceptable again after a decade of reign by the bellbottom jean. 2004: People would look at them and say, omg, they’re way too tight. And it was counterintuitive to how jeans were done back in the day. People would always try to find ways to pull skinny jeans over shoes, or to tuck them in - a world in which pants bunched at the ankles was brave and new. Interestingly, people had blogged about this at the time. Check out vintage I Am Fashion post on How to Wear Skinny Jeans!

Since then, the boundaries of tightness was pushed to its limit, like people couldn’t deal with creases anymore. I wonder if at this point people can stomach a new silhouette,albeit an old silhouette. I think it’s time for the bellbottom to make a come back – who’s with me?

As a girl who spent afterschool afternoons flipping through 70’s beauty books and planned of becoming a Charlie’s Angel when she grew up, I was ticked pink when I found this awesome pair of Levi’s flares at the Jamison Salvo’s last weekend. So naturally, fancying that I’d completed “step one” to becoming a Charlie’s Angel, I went out to take black and white photos for my waitress-slash-actress-slash-model acting portfolio.

Equipment Signature Silk Shirt (here) \\ Thrifted Levi’s Bellbottom Jeans (similar) \\ ASOS Sonic Heels in White {here}


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