Monday, May 20, 2013


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The past week I've spent hermitting in my room with a rickety space heater on full blast (unsurprisingly, smelling of burnt cat fur) and a blister pack of medicated cough lozenges close at hand. You would think that being sick in bed would free up quality time to catch up on finishing up all the blog posts I've had in draft, but it seems like motivation is another thing that goes with a bacterial infection. The week before contracting the worst malaise of the decade, I had taken these shots of a down right summery outfit, just before the weather had taken a turn for the worse. Despite never really going out as a rule, I nonetheless love the bodycon mini dress. For me it's not for glamming up, but for dressing down. I made this jewel printed dress sporty with a letter man jacket tied precariously around the hip and a leather finish baseball cap. Metallic accessories don't look out of place either.


ASOS Leather Look Baseball Cap
Tressle Dress
All about Eve Letterman Jacket
Shiek Clam Clutch
Wittner Heels
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