Monday, April 22, 2013

Designer feature: Karen Lee - a dress that morphs

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In the lead up to Canberra’s Food & Fashion Market and FASHFST in May, I will be featuring a number of unique Australian designers involved in these events.

It's not often that a ready-to-wear designer involves the buyer/wearer in the design process. I was pretty amazed by this 'dress' by Canberran designer Karen Lee (her label, 'renlee'), which, through its enigmatic design, offers the wearer a multitude of wearing options. The dress comes with a photographic instruction card with two suggested styling techniques, but as I found out, this is just a small sample of the possibilities, which, like origami, are only limited by the wearer's imagination. Intrigued? Read on to see how the ways I found to style this dress. 

The Dress:


#1: The draped vest

How: Slinging the front of the dress behind the neck.


#2 The draped flap dress

How: Twist the front of the dress, then cross over once and loop over the head.


#3 The asymetric dress

How: Twist and cross over as before, but this time, hoop through one arm.


#4 The chiton

How: Twist and cross over as before, but this time, pull right over the head and arms, and pull done to waist. Arrange fabric to liking.


Karen Lee will be showing her collection at the four day fashion festival FASHFEST Canberra, on Friday 3 May 2013. She will also be at The Food & Fashion Market on Saturday 4 May 2013.

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