Thursday, March 28, 2013

School Uniform Envy

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I wasn’t one of those people who hated wearing my school uniform. I loved my green tartan skirt and white button up shirt so much that they continued to be integrated into my everyday wardrobe even after I graduated. But I always wished that long socks, bow ties and blazers were a part of my public school uniform – major uniform envy for the posh private schools. I wonder whether it’s because of the nostalgia of high school life or the objective chic-ness of the design of uniforms, that elements of school dress consistently make their way back into mainstream trends. The varsity jacket, which is traditionally a symbol of athletic achievement that had to be earned, just happens to be a fierce outerwear item and by many accounts a ‘must-have’, being perfectly aligned to a number of current popular trends (namely, leather, boyfriend and oversized). I’ve just always love the look and feel of the varsity jacket. The more oversized the better.


All About Even Varsity Jacket

ASOS Printed Shirt

ROMWE Pleather Dress

ASOS Sonic Heels

Witchery Perspex Clutch

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