Friday, March 29, 2013

Lime Crime Eyeliner Review

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Lime Crime ‘uniliner’ eyeliner was highly recommended to me as a makeup artist favourite, so when my trusty Dolly Wink Liquid Liner ran out, and I went on my next-best-black-liner quest, I nabbed myself the Lime Crime Uniliner in ‘Quill’. Quill is promised by Lime Crime to be ‘the darkest black you’ve ever experienced’. Read on for my full review!



Lime Crime Uniliner is a brush type liner rather than the pen type I’ve become accustomed to. I personally feel the brush applicators require more practice to get the necessary level of control. However, the upshot is being able to get much more product out of the applicator and therefore, a more opaque application.


The formula is very smooth and just runny enough to be easy to work with. Once let to dry completely it becomes virtually smudge proof. However, it does take a good minute for this to happen. As it dries, it seems to contract and feels tight on the skin.The promise that ‘Quill’ is the ‘darkest black you’ve ever experienced’ may be right. The way this eyeliner looks on the skin reminds me a bit of black permanent marker.


Lime Crime Uniliner is able to be drawn extremely thin and close due to the smooth formula and tiny brush. It can also be drawn as thickly as you want. The more you layer it the more black and opaque it becomes, and it dries to a semi-glossy finish. It looks perfect.

I would be careful about getting this eyeliner on your lashes as it can get messy.

The one thing I do have to emphasize that this eyeliner does not claim to be and is not at all waterproof. It dissolves immediately on contact with water and oil, and as a result, does not survive sweat and tears. On a hot day, or if you have oily skin, you will likely end up with panda eyes at the end of the day. And because of the super high pigmentation of Lime Crime Uniliner, the panda eyes you’re in for are epic.


Lime Crime Unliner is an excellent eyeliner that’s probably the holy grail for those looking for the blackest and most defined eyeliner. However, you may have to skip it for hot weather, rainy days and if you have particularly oily skin.

What you will love:

  • strong pigmentation delivering the deepest opaque black
  • chic glossy finish
  • smooth consistency makes for easy drawing
  • thin brush allows for the thinnest lines
  • strong against smudging once dry

What you may not like:

  • takes at least a minute to dry completely
  • can get messy if you get this on your lashes
  • not waterproof, and is vulnerable to water and oil

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