Sunday, March 24, 2013

Absolutely Fabulous 90’s

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Time heals all wounds? It’s true at least, it seems, in fashion. Immediately as it passed and we took the first look back to the 90’s, we cringed in embarrassment at an era defined by its lack of (revolt against) style. But every time we look back again, the blow seems to soften. For me the 90’s represented a terrible train crash in fashion history, and that train was carrying car loads of wardrobe from the set of 90210. But there are so many elements from that era I actually love, like the gaudy bomber jackets, oversized chains and overly tight mini skirts. I don’t believe that we revisit retro styles because we’re running out of ideas. Rather, it’s like remaking old movies with modern day special effects. The ideas were good, but just executed badly. However, I can’t help but wonder what we’ll think of our reinterpretations of retro fashion when we come to reinterpret the reinterpretation in the next 10 years.


ROMWE Bomber Jacket

Finders Keepers Skirt

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Platform Boots

Collette Oversized Chain Necklace

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