Sunday, January 6, 2013

End of week look: The summer print dress

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The tropical print has had a bad run since the 90’s, but thanks to the visionaries at exciting Sydney based label VIPARO, the tropical print is chic and fun again. I love how wild and whimsical this print looks. It’s part island, part jungle, with a flamingo twist. The diaphanous fabric itself is so beautifully light and cool.

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VIPARO is an Australian fashion label based in Sydney, specialising in unique leather designs which aim to challenge people’s notions of leather wear and how it is incorporated in everyday dress. It’s particularly known for its iconic Leather Hooded Bomber Jacket.
VIPARO recently released it’s S/S 2013 collection, featuring the gorgeous ‘Cuban Paradise’ print. Check out their women’s and men’s lookbooks here and here!
Move JungleShake Sunrise 
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