Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Candy Wrapper Bag

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I wore: Sequin detail blouse (in size 16) $20 – Sportsgirl Quilted pleather shorts c/o ROMWE • Heels $37 – Wittner • Candy Wrapper Bag by Martin Maison Margiela x H&M $180 - Ebay • Jewelled Earrings $5 – Ebay
Today’s outfit is made up of a combination of my cheapest and priciest buys in the past month. Read on for more photos and info about my outfit!
Thanks to crazy pre-Christmas sales - though unfortunately a bad rather than good sign for our economy - I’ve found so many great bargains in the local retail stores around Canberra the past few weeks. I picked up this blouse from Sportsgirl. I was immediately drawn to the material and sequin pattern, but unfortunately it way too big for me and the last one left. The upside was that it was marked down to only $20! The thing with shirts is that you can always wear them slouchy a few sizes up. In fact, I prefer them that way. Trying it on, it reminded me a lot of the American Apparel oversized chiffon shirt. The big giveaways that it’s the wrong size are the length and too wide sleeves, but tuck & roll and problem solved!
I’d had my eye on these heels from Wittner for the best of December. I just love the thick metallic ankle straps and elegant skinny heel. I went in the store to try them on probably five times, but always left without buying them because the toe fit wasn’t right. I mentioned it to the sales assistant once. She was new and I’m sure she just didn’t have much experience, but she started giving me all this advice about how I should give up on pointed toe styles because I have wide feet. Needless to say, this did not give me much incentive to buy anything from her that day. Or maybe it’s refreshing when sales assistants are honest?
Anyway Wittner is now having a 75% off sale and these heels were marked down to just $37. Wide feet or no wide feet, that’s practically a free pair of shoes in my book.
I’ve become very minimalist when it comes to accessorizing and jewellery. If I put any jewellery on at all, it’s always just one statement piece. I guess I love wearing a piece that stands out, rather than a lot of little things. Rings and bracelets really get in the way anyway.
This amazing pair of earrings was randomly purchased from Ebay for about $5. Too bad I’ve lost a gem.
I wasn’t all that interested in the Maison Martin Margiela x H&M collection until I saw a picture of the Candy Wrapper Bag on Cecylia’s Facebook Page. I’m such a sucker for fashion that looks like food. On top of that the pink version of the Candy Wrapper Bag has the most amazing colour and metallic finish. It just looks delicious!
It didn’t mean much to me that the bag was sold out at H&M because there isn’t one in Australia anyway. So I immediately started searching for it on Ebay. After expertly researching the bag and meticulously monitoring auctions for two weeks to determine the market price, I then proceeded to bid £100 thinking I was bidding in Australian dollars, and purchased the bag for $50 more than I wanted to pay – you have to laugh right?
For something not made of foil, it looks amazingly like it is, but the PVC material’s actually quite thick and luxurious. I love that the bag comes complete with a bar code and fictitious weight content!
These rad high waisted quilted pleather shorts are from www.romwe.com. They are very reminiscent of the Karl Largerfield quilted leather pants. The only thing missing is the double zippers. I love the high waisted design and slightly flared legs.

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