Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day haul and mini Facebook giveaway!

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This Boxing Day, I’ve officially been ‘shoed’! Even though I bought so many shoes, I still felt I really held back. Almost everything I purchased was under $40. Here are all the bargains I picked up!


For some reason all the shoe shops had such amazing sales. I bought 7 pairs.

Clockwise from top: Davolina boots ($25); Tony Bianco heels ($28); Wittner heels ($37); Lipstick platform heels ($25); Tony Bianco Sandals ($28); Belle of the Brawl Plateau Espadrilles ($45); Wittner loafers ($30)


UNIF spiked shorts ($59)


Dotti Sequin Dress ($20)


Vivienne Westwood 'Cheeky Alice’ ($30) and Davidoff ‘Hot Water’ ($20) from Cosmetic Fragrances Direct.

Neon Streak Skinny Jeans Gold Bar Blouse Blank ID Bracelet Buckled Heart Bracelet

I also picked up some great pieces from my favourite online destination NastyGal: Neon Stripe Skinny Pants ($18.75); Gold Bar Blouse ($14.40); Blank ID Bracelet ($7.50); Buckled Heart Bracelet ($12.60).


What bargains did you pick up in the Christmas sale period? Share your haul photo on my Facebook Page for a chance to win a $20 gift voucher for DollsKill.com! To enter:

  1. Share a photo of you haul on my Facebook Page;
  2. Briefly describe the things you bought.

The winner will be announced on 2 January 2013!

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