Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ulta3 glitter nail polishes

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For the longest time I thought Ulta3 was Ultra3 – I think Ultra3 makes more sense personally – and also for the longest time, I would never have bought a $3 nail polish. Cheap polish displayed in a discount bin usually means poor quality. Ulta3 nail polishes can be hit and miss, but generally, they've been quite good for the price, and the best thing is their huge colour range. Recently I picked up two of their gorgeous glitter polishes, New Years Eve and Over the Rainbow.

New Years Eve is a beautiful blue. Here are some close ups. It's made up of tiny glitter particles of varried sizes. Fine glitter bits usually apply easier and more evently than large bits, so this was a promising sign!
IMG_2364 IMG_2366
Here’s New year’s Eve layered over a blue polish.
IMG_2371 I was really excited to try Over the Rainbow. It’s so incredibly pretty in the bottle and reminds me of sprinkle donuts!
Layering Over the Rainbow over a pink polish, this is now really reminding me of sprinkle donuts. Over all I think I was more happy with New Years Eve for its uniform application and colour impression. This multi-coloured glitter polish tends to look a bit messy. IMG_2374 For cheap thrills, Ulta3 is definitely worth a try. They polishes are surprisingly ok quality. Although to speed up drying and to make the polish last longer, I strongly suggest a good quality top coat. My pick is Seche Vite. You can usually pick up Ulta3 polishes from your local chemist. They are usually displayed in a huge pile - you can't miss them!

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