Sunday, November 18, 2012

Running Shorts

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I wore: Top – Portman • Running shorts c/o OASAP • Bag – Oroton • Shoes – Joe Mercer • Necklace – Nasty Gal
Even if you’re not a fan of sports luxe, I think you’ll have to agree: any excuse to go out in your tracky dacks, right? But it’s hard to change people’s natural association of sports gear with the gym, so sporty pieces really have to be dressed up, the more dressy the better. The cool thing is that you’ll always look just a little bit nonchalant like ‘hey, what’s up, came out in my jogging shots and still look fab’. With these super cute shorts from OASAP, I opted for a peplum top and bright heels in feminine colours to keep the outfit totally girly. The best thing about stepping out in this outfit was how totally comfortable it was.
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