Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Galaxy print shorts and mint sweater

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IMG_2561 I wore: Sweater – Dotti • Galaxy Print Shorts c/o ROMWE • Shoes – Market in China
IMG_2580 IMG_2556IMG_2600
Recently I found out that the popular idea about what space looks like isn’t really what 100% accurate (if we are talking about how it looks to the naked eye). Those brilliantly coloured images of far away galaxies given to us by the Hubble Telescope are actually created by representing the various gases present in those galaxies with primary and secondary colours. So in a way I guess the Hubble Telescope is an artist or perhaps one of the most gifted printmaker of our time! I love how these printed shorts from ROMWE seem to have an inner glow. The mirrored printing also gives a really cool effect.

ROMWE’s Black Friday Sale is on from tomorrow 21 November! Up to 70% off, from 21st through 26th!
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