Thursday, October 11, 2012

Midweek outfit: The Printed Bomber Jacket

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I wore: Printed bomber jacket c/o www.romwe.com • T-Shirt – MDJ Boutique • Aztec Shortswww.nastygal.com • Boots – http://www.zushoe.com.au/• Vintage Guess? bag – Gifted

Did you ever see those gaudy bomber jackets from the 80’s. They looked like they were big enough to be used as flotation devises and featured designs that were likely visible from outer space. The printed bomber jacket is making a come back, but has matured, and learned from its mistakes! This roses and skulls printed bomber jacket form www.romwe.com totally stole my heart! I love the fact that from a distance, it looks like a pretty floral design, until you get up close and there are like 50 evil skulls laughing at you.

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